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In a World Gone Mad

10/31/04 12:45 am - koijewel

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10/30/04 05:45 pm - rans_curse

His wandering had taken him somewhere new -- and he was delighted wit hthe sounds of breaking glass and shattering wood, and the sounds of metal slicing through air. It drew him like a moth to a flame, and he watched it with his head tilted to one side just slightly.


His eyes followed the prayer and the feelings of horror to the young priest, and he watched the human's eyes move to the vampire on the ground.

And curiouser.

He slipped up to the priest with an eyes-closed-cheshire-smile. "Be careful who you call upon, Father. You never know when you might be answered. And then what would happen to him?" He gestured to the vampire on the ground with a smile.

10/30/04 02:06 pm - tes_orion - Another joins the fray....

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10/30/04 03:59 am - koijewel

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10/27/04 03:02 pm - koijewel

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10/26/04 06:55 pm - rans_curse

He'd always been too curious for his own good.

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10/26/04 12:03 am - koijewel

It has come to my attention that I have not explained this very well.  Well let me try again.  The RPG is open now.  (We are located in the city, which I have no name for yet.  It is made up.  I have a description of it a few entries back.  A map will be created in the next few hours.)  It is IMPORTANT for you to have a reason to be in the city or the general area.  The reason can be as simple as the character liked the weather there.  But a reason will give you a direction in this RPG.  (Alichino's reason is because of the casino and the illegal gambling houses the city houses.  He makes his living by gambling.  Emily is there to help a aunt who was recently attacked by a vampire.  She is taking care of her aunt and the business her family runs.)

Now once that is done post a personal entry on what your charcter is doing and the general personality of him/her.  This will allow others to see where he/she is and help plan interaction.  Feel free posting a post and allowing others to find it and answer it.  We all have different schedules and this may help in the beginning. 

10/25/04 11:05 pm - elpedrososama

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10/24/04 11:16 pm - koijewel

How Alichino and Tody met.  A year before...
Ali and TobyCollapse )

10/24/04 08:18 pm - koijewel

I have good and bad news. 

Good: We will get this damn RPG up and running. 

Bad:  I had to work all this weekend and missed the Saturday deadline.  It matters not. 

This RPG is open!!!  Th weather at the town right now is a bit cold as it ia fall there.  I will be on AOL tonight for any questions and to help start this... 
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